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Christian Literature Projects: We are currently printing several Christian books to train the Chinese Christians or to address critical issues that the Chinese people are facing. Some examples are listed below.

"Building Stronger Marriages and Families"

To date, 60,000 printed and distributed. Help us print more this year. Click here!

  • Sponsor 100 copies for just $ 36.00
  • Sponsor 1000 copies for just $360.00
  • Sponsor 5000 copies for just $1,800.00
  • Sponsor 50,000 copies for just $18,000.00

Books on marriage are easily the most requested material from both believers and non-believers as divorce rates rise across the nation.

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"This New Life"

We have printed 1,755,000 to date. We want to print one million for the Chinese people, so help us sponsor 250,000 more in 2008. Click here!

  • Sponsor 100 copies for just $ 11.00
  • Sponsor 1000 copies for just $110.00
  • Sponsor 5000 copies for just $550.00
  • Sponsor 50,000 copies for just $5,500

"Seasons of Life & Seasons of Love in China"As China opens more to the Gospel, two publishers have asked to openly publish Karen's two books in China. Seasons Books in China Project Goal: $15,000

China Call Outreaches:
  • Adopt-A-City Give to support Seasons of Life and Seasons of Love in China. Click here!

The doors to reach China are opening wider than ever before. Please pray and ask God what He would have you do regarding supporting China Call's work in China. Millions of souls in China can be impacted through these outreaches. As we are faithful to fulfill God's vision in China, then God will have his way. Please do what God leads you to do. Time is of the essence.

Each China Call outreach costs approximately $10,000 to present a character-counts seminar in the Chinese public schools. However, we are able to reach approximately 15,000-20,000 students through each of these events. That's approximately $1.50 per child to have a life transformed. Please join with us today with your commitment of a monthly pledge or one-time gift. It only takes 150 people at $100 each to sponsor one two-week outreach. You can sponsor a city, a school or a student for one of our upcoming outreaches.

  • Adopt-A-City $7,500 (ensures one city will be impacted)
  • Adopt-A-School $,1500 (sponsors one school)
  • Adopt-A-Student $ 75 (sponsors 75 students)

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Chinese Bibles:China Call is providing Chinese Bibles for the church in China. Bibles are tireless ministers on call at any time day or night. They can travel to remote regions, cross borders, and speak many languages. In China, they are in great demand, but short supply even until now.

Each year, the number of new converts in China is approximately 1.5-7 million more tha the number of Bibles available. This does not include the current need for Bibles for those who already believe.

For only $2 you can provide this necessary resource for a Chinese believer or pastor. Please give as generously as possible as the need is so great.

Help us print these Bibles. Click here!

  • $20 will print 10 Bibles
  • $50 will print 25 Bibles
  • $100 will print 50 Bibles
  • $200 will print 100 Bibles

Television Ministry:

God is leading us to expand our ministry outreach to include promoting and producing Christian television programs for broadcast in China, as well as Christian printed materials for the public market in China. We need to purchase very good equipment to produce programs for broadcast in China, as well as to cover other related expenses:

  • 2006 TV Ministry Fundraising Goal: $20,000

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All gifts are tax-deductible.

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Seasons of Love: Heart-warming stories from women all around the world as they have found the true meaning of love.
Seasons of Life - for Women: Celebrating the Tender Moments of Life: Personal interviews and stories by Karen Hardin.
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